Who We Are
Project Bliss is a video production company with a social impact. We tell impactful stories about environmental and human endeavors, promoting individuals and organizations striving to make positive difference in our world.

Our Mission and Vision
Our goal is to bring awareness to social and environmental issues and organizations that need support and visibility. Our focus at Project Bliss covers a wide swath of issues including veterans,environment, energy, and poverty.

Project Bliss connects, supports, and promotes the organizations and individuals that are striving to make a difference in our world.  By sharing these stories, we hope to inspire and facilitate lasting change.

Whether you are developing a new technology or starting a new business or feeding the hungry, Project Bliss will tell your story, capture the essence of your mission, and deliver it to a targeted audience of social influencers, volunteers, donors, and investors who can elevate your organization to an international powerhouse of change.

Stories are powerful tools to inspire people to take action. We will tell those stories.


Current Projects
Project Bliss correspondent Ross Ruddell  recently embarked on a three-year journey that will take him through Central and South America. The goal of this inaugural Project Bliss trip is to increase public awareness of some of the larger social and environmental challenges facing Latin America (Our World). Through Ross’s journey, Project Bliss will promote the people and organizations that are making an impact and share their stories to inform and inspire our readers.